Notice for Service Update and Temporary Maintenance


Hello 5Rocks Customers!

We are introducing our new combined product of 5Rocks and Tapjoy to you today. You can experience more powerful Marketing Automation & Monetization Platform that only 5Rocks and Tapjoy provide.

Service Upgrade

Upgrade Schedule

  • 8:00 AM, March 18, 2015(KST)

Temporary Maintenance

  • 8:00 PM, March 17 ~ 8:00 AM, March 18 (KST, For 12 Hours)
  • Your data will be kept safely even during the period of service maintenance.

Upgraded Content

  • Integration of Tapjoy & 5Rocks service
  • New features added

How to Access

  • After service upgrade, you will be redirected from 5Rocks dashboard to new dashboard page( when signed in.

Major Changes


Service Integration

5Rocks and Tapjoy service are integrated into one service. You can utilize all the marketing features we offer for your app such as user acquisition, analytics, operation and monetization under single SDK integration.


Predictive Analysis

Future Value Map™ predicts your users’ purchase behavior and allows you to see the future value of all of your users. It will help you to maximize your total amount of revenue.

New Features

2-1New Content

Monetize your app with our newly provided Offer Wall, Display Ad, and Direct Play to maximize IAP revenue and Ad revenue

2-2Automated Push

Trigger your push message automatically in case of app install or first item purchase to engage your users and monetize them

2-3User Acquisition

Run Ad campaign of Pay Per Installs/Engagement and Video Plus to promote your app and acquire new users

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